Aimée-Rose Philibert

Salmo, BC

Aimée-Rose Philibert

Featured Sculpture

Aimee-Rose Philibert - Wayne H.E. King (bronze)

In the case of many Sculpturewalk entrants, their displayed piece represents decades of experience and a lifetime of practice in their preferred medium.

Aimee-Rose Philibert might not have had the same level of experience, but her entry here shows she is among her peers. It reinforces the truth that artistic ability is inherent - there are many ways to foment creativity.

For the Sherbrooke, Quebec-born Philibert, the artistic journey has been a meandering road that, to this point, has collectively informed and guided her in unconventional ways.

Global travel with an artistically inclined family gave her exposure to, and an appreciation for, various cultures and the disparate art forms on display within them. These formative beginnings ignited her passion for visual arts. Philibert expanded on this through more formal studies in Montreal and Sherbrooke that, as she explains, "provided me with material, models and order."

"Later, in my twenties, I found life [and creativity] much more inspiring where the edge cuts. [I was] roaming and experimenting in the realm of the streets."

Today she calls the Kootenays home, at least for now. Living in Salmo, her artistic talent and creative energy is nurtured and fulfilled. Philibert recognizes this absolutely. "My muse resides in these mountains, and my future is my past is my present is arts," she affirms.

Her emotive bronze bust confirms this. Wayne H. E. King is a tribute to a special person, someone whose life and life experiences resonated deeply with Philibert. The nameplate is poignantly self-explanatory, while also acknowledging fellow artists/instructors who provided guidance along the way.

Wayne H.E. King captures the humanity of the man exquisitely. Forlorn, serene eyes rest under bushy eyebrows, framing a prominent patina-accentuated nose. Straggly strands of hair partially cover the high forehead, running down to join a full moustache and beard. The back of this thoughtful work invites more lovely detail: a hollowed concave that displays detail - foliage, trees and a nest.

The weathered front countenance conveys a full life, one that has not - perhaps never - necessarily been easy. The miles are apparent in the roughness of the cheeks, the downcast turn of the hooded eyes. Wayne H.E. King speaks of living rough, of heartbreaks, triumphs and the inevitable ups and downs, the relative unevenness that life presents for most of us, with great success.

The bust portrays the pride and strength - even given life's travails - of the subject as well. Philibert compellingly captures the indomitable and resilient nature of the human spirit in this small (size-wise) but mighty study of a solitary man in gorgeous bronze.

She encapsulates the humanity of being unerringly, drawing on her own travels and life experiences. Philibert may be only just beginning on her journey, but her artistic talent and ability to hone in on the richness - the joys and sorrows together - of life are presented here with her initial Sculpturewalk offering. Wayne H. E. King displays much promise and artistic creativity while delivering a heartfelt, detailed portrayal of a life lived fully.

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