Angellos Glaros

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Angellos Glaros

Featured Sculpture

Angellos Glaros - Inside Passage (steel, glass accents)

You might remember Angellos Glaros' lovely piece from last year. Titled Taking Flight, the metal and copper sculpture featured butterflies of various sizes artfully arrayed at the corner of Columbia Avenue and Third Street.

He returns this year with another of his flowing, intricately constructed metal works. Like most of his sculptures, the inspiration comes from the natural elements surrounding the Nanaimo-based artist and craftsman: the ocean, the mountains, the varied life forms that flourish in the temperate west coast climate.

"My inspiration in sculpting tends to come from the rich environment around me, as well as the history, culture and art forms of the many indigenous nations," he says. "The convergence of so many influences is profound, to say the least."

Since relocating to Nanaimo following design and art studies in central and eastern Canada, Glaros has been establishing himself as an artist and designer comfortable in a variety of mediums. A furniture-making course was prompted by his growing love of wood as a medium, and its significance in traditional indigenous art forms.

Glaros Studios/Westcoastarts is increasingly doing commercial and private home commissions of furniture, furnishings, cupboards, countertops and much more. Whether designs of their own or additions that embellish and enhance existing projects, the workmanship and quality of his work is apparent - every project and piece is hand crafted with great attention to detail.

This is not to say his artistic endeavors have been neglected. Far from it in fact. Glaros' creative output is substantive, with commissions and public pieces appearing regularly in and around his adopted hometown as well as around Vancouver Island and on the mainland.

The work he presents here is coming directly from a yearlong stay on the waterfront in Oak Bay, near Victoria. It was installed there as part of the Arts Alive program.

Inside Passage is a glorious summation of Glaros' influences, and a testimony to his artistry and skills. The ten-foot plus high sculpture portrays bull kelp fronds as they waver in the current. There is much more to be found in Glaros' dynamic and appealing sculpture though.

Look closely and you'll see finely crafted fish coursing through the broad leaves and thinner stalks of the kelp. Jellyfish float throughout, nearly hidden in the tangle of aquatic foliage. On the sandy bottom, a beautifully burnished crab lurks, pincers extended.

The form achieved is marvelous: fronds bend, curl and glide as if swaying in the water, the kelp heads rising predominantly at the top of the sculpture trailing bending clumps of leaves.

Inside Passage is enlivened by glass accents that compliment and accentuate the hues - the patinas achieved with a combination of salt water, acids and varying amounts of heat - of the metal Glaros has painstakingly fashioned into a work that is magical, vibrantly alive and fluid.

It is impressively life-like, wondrous in conception, design and execution. Inside Passagepresents Glaros' creativity and influences with flair and imagination while showcasing his undeniable talent and attention to fine detail.

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