Bobbie Carlyle

Loveland, CO

Bobbie Carlyle

Featured Sculpture

Bobbie Carlyle - For the Love of the Game (bronze)

Hailing from the sculpture mecca of Loveland, Colorado, first-time Sculpturewalk participant Bobbie Carlyle displays "America's favourite pastime" in all its glory.

Carlyle's rendition of youthful baseball players - in larger than life perspective - perfectly captures the passion and intensity of the game in rich, patina-enhanced bronze.

Her ability to replicate a moment in time is wonderfully expressed in For the Love of the Game. "Kids of every age and from every era have lived for and loved baseball," she notes. "I've tried to emulate the joy and pleasure of the game realistically while employing a vintage look and feel."

She does so expertly, effortlessly portraying a swing and a miss with great attention to detail. You can literally feel the mighty swipe of the batter as he fans on the pitch, legs splayed and ball cap askew. Likewise, the moment of impact as the ball strikes the catcher's glove is apparent. He crouches squatting, absorbing the impact of the ball, bare hand readied in case of a bobble.

Both players are garbed in old-style equipment; the knee-high pants and footwear of the batter match those of his opponent. Both sport time-honoured traditional gear. The catcher's glove, mask and chest protector are relics from a bygone age - all leather and simplicity compared to the high tech material used today.

It is a fantastic figurative sculpture that captures a split second moment - to say nothing of the passion, effort and concentration of the two players - in the timeless participatory pleasure of a baseball game.

Carlyle's skill is on display in the "bold strength and provocative intelligence" of For the Love of the Game. It is found in every one of her many sculptures created over the past three decades.

Her sculptures in bronze and stone are all executed with imagination and vitality. The detail, composition and nuance she imbues each work with foster internal retrospection and emotional rapport when viewing the displayed subtlety of layers of meaning.

Undeniably, her subject matter and huge talent resonates positively with viewers. A strong psychological appeal is evinced in her work. Her sculptures address the complexity of emotion and being while celebrating the struggles and triumphs of life.

Her extensive oeuvre is broad in scope, ranging from wildlife and western studies to historical figures, from liturgical icons/themes to everyday occurrences.

As she states, " My sculptures portray the heroes of our world speaking to us as individuals. I seek to capture not only the historical background but the soul and essence of the figure too."

With For the Love of the Game she has done so brilliantly, warmly imparting nostalgia, spirited pleasure and competitive zeal in her superb realization of an iconic, ageless American activity.

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