Christine Knapp

Lyons, CO

Christine Knapp

Christine Knapp – Fawned Memories (bronze) & Big Flirt (bronze)

First time Castlegar Sculpturewalk participant Christine Knapp lands with a splash, showcasing not one but two of her wonderfully stylized bronzes.

The Colorado resident studied numerous disciplines while obtaining a fine arts degree at the University of Dayton in Ohio. She quickly realized sculpture was her passion, and has continued to study and learn from noted peers while firmly establishing herself as a fine figurative bronze artist.

Animals, particularly those native to the Rocky Mountains – realized through frequent observation and interaction – are a favourite subject matter. Here she captures the warmth and animation of a mother elk and her two fawns, in addition to a playful bear, in superb detail.

“My goal is to spark a fond memory, inspire an idea or enlighten my viewers of the varied subjects I have chosen to portray. Of ultimate interest to me is that special bond that develops between people, animals, and each other.”

Knapp’s long list of awards recognizing her many animal studies speak to her ability to do just that. Using the centuries-old lost wax casting process, she creates lovely bronzes that portray the individualism and spirit of the animals that constantly inspire her.

Fawned Memories is a life-like rendition of a mother elk and her two fawns. Knapp is able to reflect the love and attentiveness apparent in the doe. She attentively watches her two babies with motherly concern. The fawns contrasting demeanours are reflected nicely. One is full-spirited and playful, head turned inquisitively. His/her twin understands the necessity of heeding their mother’s maternal instincts more closely. It is a finely wrought study. Knapp realizes the over-sized ears, spindly legs and graceful lines of the three with skilled, evocative detail.

Equally appealing is the other piece she has on display. Big Flirt is appropriately named. In this half life-sized sculpture, a black bear rests on its rump, one hind leg splayed straight and the other raised and held by a front paw. Her other paw is poised, almost as if playing patty-cake. She is a showboat – intelligent, animated and extremely playful.

Knapp captures the cocked ears, the mischievous face, the presented paw pads and the relaxed contentedness of her furry subject with great lines and recognized intelligence. Big Flirt is a bear full of mirth and simple enjoyment. It will delight viewers with its pleasure-filled pose of whimsical playfulness.

In addition to animals in the wild, Knapp sculpts domestic animals and the occasional human study too. Always, her often tongue-in-cheek titled sculptures (I See Ewe is two lambs one atop the other; Ham and Eggs is a rooster and pig duo, for example) are realistic and brimming with character. Her sculptures have been recognized across the United States and internationally, including a 2012 live show in Vancouver that featured her rendition of a polar bear squeezed on an ice flow titled Bearly Making It.

With many corporate commissions, including two for a hospital - and a juried exposition award - in the city where she studied, Knapp has found her calling. Contentment is portraying the animals that abound near her home in Lyons, Colorado (with husband and two dogs) along with travel to more exotic locales to observe and photograph the many animals she captures with heart and soul in splendid bronze.

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