Conrad Sarzynick

Powell River, BC

Conrad Sarzynick

Featured Sculpture

Conrad Sarzynick – Resurface (wood, red cedar)

Working predominately in wood, Sculpturewalk newcomer Conrad Sarzynick explores the beauty and endless possibilities of his chosen medium with grace and flair.

The self-taught artist and Ontario native first began exploring wood sculpture while studying at York University in Toronto in the late 1990’s; two summers spent on the West Coast provided the impetus. He moved to British Columbia after graduating – first living and working in Vancouver and, since 2010, Powell River on the Sunshine Coast – finding the perfect milieu for his expressive, enchanting wood sculptures.

“Transforming wood into sculpture is an intuitive act of discovery. Beginning with the wood at hand I ask: what does it have to offer and where can this lead? The particular characteristics of this natural material determine what is cut away and what will be kept. Each new curve or angle carved from the wood reveals what the next step may be, a new challenging clue.”

Resurface is proof-perfect of Sarzynick’s dynamic interpretation of the material at hand, and wildly imaginative talent.

Standing nine feet eight inches high, Resurface is sinuously dazzling, robust and earthy with warm mellow tonality and wonderfully contrasting lines and shapes. The flow and form open the imagination of the viewer. A human form can be loosely interpreted, but many other elements can be discerned within it. Viewing the piece from various sides gives the impression of experiencing a different sculpture from each new perspective.

“This sculpture, like all of my work, is created as a starting point for the imagination, captured glimpses of hidden worlds that peek around the edges of everyday reality,” Sarzynick explains. “Strangely familiar living forms with dynamic shapes and movements reminiscent of natural forces, of birds and fish and currents of water and wind welcome multiple interpretations. This work is about discovery, both during the process of making and experiencing a finished piece.”

Initially a member of a large artist’s studio in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside prior to his move to Powell River, Sarzynick has exhibited his works in galleries and group shows in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and his adopted hometown and communities along the Sunshine Coast. The artist’s sculptures were recently showcased in a feature article in Zoom Magazine’s “New Year 2016” issue. He has also written an in-depth article on wood carving for Canadian Woodworking Magazine while exploring other artistic endeavors – poetry, collage and music.

While wood sculpture is his bread and butter as it were, his interpretive, creative zeal across many artistic pursuits parallel and inform his sculpting talent. Resurface opens the viewer’s imagination to endless possibilities. Nothing is presumed or stated as being explicit.

"Since the piece is freshly carved it is lighter in colour, in time it may darken some. As well, with time the 'new wood' look will not remain pristine, it will naturally gain a more weathered appearance and acquire a crackly checked surface with a multitude of medium and small cracks just as all large exterior wood acquires as it ages in the elements. Wood is a living material that responds to the environment, I am curious and eager to see this weathering evolve, revealing the natural life of the material."

Sarzynick creates sensual, versatile works with talent and artistic sensibilities finely attuned to every promise and suggestion the wood offers. Resurface is a shining, brilliant example of this.

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