Daniel Kloc

Castlegar, BC

Daniel Kloc

Featured Sculpture

Daniel Kloc - The Catfish (bronze)

A regular presence since Sculpturewalk's inception with his enticing, wonderfully detailed bronzes, Thrums sculptor Daniel Kloc is back after a year's absence.

Once again, he displays his formidable talent in a primeval piece that is superbly imagined and sculpted. It reminds the viewer of his entry a couple of years ago - Leviathan, an epic struggle between giant squid and sperm whale - in its depiction of elemental conflict and survival.

The Catfish shows an ogre-like figure engaged in pulling a giant catfish from the water. He is strongly muscled, sub-human in countenance and appearance. Upright on his two legs with genitals displayed he struggles to hoist the prehistoric-looking fish from the water with his strength and tenacity alone.

His monstrous quarry fights back, thrashing wildly, the tail raised and flapping. Its oversized bulbous head, tentacles protruding from it, fins and flattish body are all portrayed as it resists strenuously, fighting to avoid capture.

This is sustenance for the vaguely humanoid creature trying to haul the fish in. The exertion of the struggle is well realized - one needs to win over the other in order to survive in the ancient, harshly unforgiving environment they inhabit. Who will ultimately prevail?

Kloc doesn't provide the answer, content to portray the battle at its climactic moment.

He learned the bronze process - along with studies in a number of other mediums - while a student at the Kootenay School of the Arts. He practiced and fine-tuned his bronze skills working at Pyramid Bronzeworks in Kelowna for four years before returning to the Kootenays.

His gorgeous bronzes' tend to reflect his Eastern European heritage and the influences of architecture and art he has experienced through travels in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other Balkan countries.

"Exploring my roots while visiting relatives has definitely had an impact on my sculpting style," he affirms. "There is so much history readily displayed and available in the statues and monuments in villages and cities across the countries. It was formative, and highly enjoyable, to see it firsthand."

Kloc has honed a distinctive style through experience, practice and travel. His brooding (think of Raven, Green Man or Sova from past shows), gothic- suggestive, often medieval or earlier time period-inspired works have been recognized with awards for their superb detailing and evocative craftsmanship - here at Sculpturewalk and other exhibitions.

The talent and skill he displays in creating spectacular imagery in bronze suggests there is little doubt The Catfish will again contend when the awards are handed out at the conclusion of this year's show.

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