Ginny Glover

Victoria, BC

Ginny Glover

Featured Sculpture

Ginny Glover - Soul Sisters (bronze)

Glover’s work on display here is a striking bronze alive with energy and vitality. She displays side-by-side elongated female forms that are at once evening gown elegant and entirely playful.

Her sisters are in cahoots sharing a singular moment, a special experience. They are laughing, posing and preening with a sense of playfulness and celebration; poised but comfortably loose.

There is connectedness in Glover's elegantly wavering sculpture. The women, dressed similarly, stand apart from each other yet remain close. Each is uniquely, painstakingly fashioned to remind of what binds us together in familiar relations and what sets us apart from each other as individuals. The sculpture works as a whole - the energy that is apparent between the two stems from their enthusiasm and the experience being shared.

The exaggerated, stretched figurines - both with long limbs flowing down their evening wear - are gracefully curvaceous. It is their togetherness, and the expressions etched upon each face, that makes Soul Sisters so dynamic and appealing.

Aptly named Bliss and Swept Away, the duo invites the viewer to determine which is which. Is Bliss the sister in the single shoulder evening dress, the one with gentle pleasure puckering her mouth? Or is she in the strapless cut-away, head tossed back in a moment of unadulterated joy?

Glover leaves that to the viewer while reminding of the need to identify and enjoy bliss and exhilaration, the sensation of being swept away, in moments of our own lives."My goal is to engage, inspire and provoke viewers with my work," she says. "I am drawn to earthy, tactile surfaces and symbolic impressions. I love to simplify and elongate the human form in a spontaneous and playful manner while trying to capture their spirit, infusing them with life and expressiveness.

She succeeds completely with her evocative bronze. There is harmony and stylized elegance, together with emotion and pleasure, amply displayed in Soul Sisters. It is a whimsical, magical offering that balances the solidity and beauty of bronze with the ethereal experience of sensation.

Glover lives in Victoria now after spending over 30 years in Calgary teaching art, yoga and raising her family. Returning to her Vancouver Island roots has revitalized her artistically. "I am enjoying the opportunity to focus more fully on making art," she says with a broad smile.

Travel and experiencing different cultures has also significantly impacted her artistic style and approach.

"In 2009, my husband and I spent two years living in North Africa," she explains. "The richness and diversity of the ethnic groups, the plethora of Greek and Roman ruins, sculptures and mosaics along with the incredible landscapes provided powerful imagery. "

"The culture, art and diversity I was immersed in certainly influenced me, as did six weeks spent in southern India recently. I draw on all these experiences when sculpting, regardless of the medium." Her work is found in private collections across western Canada, the United States, Europe and North Africa.

Soul Sisters is a delightful sculpture - resplendently decadent, filled with sensations of joy and certitude. There is no question it will lift Sculpturewalk patron's spirits completely.

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