Heather Wall

Powell River, British Columbia

Heather Wall

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Heather Wall – Pouncing Fox (aluminum)

Getting increasingly comfortable in her most recent medium exploration - aluminum - while steadily building her body of work, Heather Wall continues to grow as a sculptor. Her entry here is irrefutable evidence of that.

Pouncing Fox is layered with depth and fine balance, beautifully stylized and immediately recognizable as her own. A silver fox is suspended mid-leap, ready to plunge face first through layered snow and grass to snatch his unwilling victim, a quailing, quivering mouse.

His body creates an arc, unnaturally hinged in the middle as he simultaneously springs up and lunges down through the snow, relying on his senses to focus in on his intended meal. Wall's portrayal emphasizes his composite parts superbly: the outsized ears, his poised haunches, taut legs and fluffy tail are stylishly, beautifully sculpted. Dark accents embellish and enhance to provide vivid contrast.

There is fine detail throughout - the mouse, the layers of snow, the grasses, and foremost the hunter himself – but what really binds the sculpture together is the layers Wall displays so wonderfully. The moment is frozen in space and time; we do not know if the fox is successful or if his prey is able to elude his deadly pounce. It is grand drama on a daily scale, gorgeously fashioned in aluminum by its imaginatively talented creator.

Wall began sculpting after taking welding courses at the Powell River campus of Vancouver Island University (VIU) in 2013. The Calgary native had moved to the Sunshine Coast with her husband - after graduating from the Alberta School of Art and Design majoring in Visual Communications with a minor in Painting -following a layoff from a government position creating and managing interpretative displays around Alberta.

An illustrator, painter in acrylics and a computer graphics designer, Wall now also teaches an evening class at the Powell River campus of VIU called Welding to Make Metal Sculptures.

"I was a bit nervous when they asked me to instruct," she says smiling. "I took the classes to expand my artistic repertoire while learning a new skill set, that was all. Really though, the teaching is a blast. It's great to be able to share what I've learned with others just starting into metal sculpture."

Wall’s gorgeous entry last year titled Rock Dragon was the first aluminum work - albeit bolstered with a spectacular globe of found beach stones and a stylized metal base - she had entered in the Sculpturewalk competition. The artistry of that piece resulted in second place in the prestigious People's Choice award. It was also leased for a year to the Town of Creston as part of Sculpturewalk's regional program. The popularity of Rock Dragon reinforced her confidence, competence and undeniable creative skills working in aluminum.

It was encouraging, and important to me, to have that many people choose my sculpture as their favourite," she says. "The publicity has led to several new commissions. Which means I've been extremely busy lately with various sculptures and functional art pieces. It’s a good thing to be busy, though I always view Sculpturewalk in Castlegar as a brief respite from my crazy schedule."

Her latest work will no doubt wow viewers and judges both. Pouncing Fox showcases her creativity and skill with panache. Her dynamic, exciting interpretation of a fox in search of a meal will be a favourite.


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