Jennifer Cannon

San Jose, CA

Jennifer Cannon

Featured Sculpture

Jennifer Cannon - Illusory Control (aluminum, brass)

Since graduating from Bradley University in Peoria near her hometown of Tinley Park, Illinois, Jennifer Cannon has been involved in art for more than two decades. Her focus for much of that time has been public installations so her appearance at this year's Sculpturewalk makes perfect sense.

Now a resident of San Jose, Cannon works predominately in aluminum. Her choice of material gives her sculptures a sleek, modern look; they are uncluttered, elegant with clean, crisp lines.

Handcrafted - as are all her public installations - over several months, her pieces range in height from one foot to over 16 feet. Always, they feature flowing, graceful lines that invoke movement even though stationary, providing different perspectives from every vantage point.

Illusory Control represents her style perfectly. From a circular base, two angled thicker aluminum tubes spawn strands of thin aluminum that dance and weave upwards. They spiral and twist sinuously, encircling each other broken only by three juxtaposed sections of the thicker diameter tubing capping brass inserts. These are open to permit the viewer to see the continuity of the lines alongside the brass work.

The effect is startling and sensual, bringing to mind any number of potential interpretations: a swaggering alien, a limbo or rumba dancer, someone walking in a strong wind, or a futuristic transportation system perhaps. The conjured image is left to the viewers imagination - what is undeniable is the flow and elegance captured in the wavering, dancing lines that intersect and separate seemingly at will. They don't of course, but the space created adds greatly to the overall lushness of Cannon's sculpture.

To Cannon, Illusory Control signifies the relative lack of control over life and nature we have, despite technological advancement that might lead us to believe otherwise.

The sculpture was honoured with a Virtuoso - Best of Show II recognition at Sioux Falls Sculpturewalk in 2015. Other works recognized with awards or in permanent installation include Current- third place in the Sculpture for All competition at the State University in Nagadoches, Texas and now permanently installed at the Hanna Springs Sculpture Garden in Lampasas, Texas - and Living Wind installed in Durango, Colorado's transit centre.

Growing up, her father fixing and tinkering with farming equipment after his regular work was done fascinated Cannon. "It had considerable impact on my chosen profession," she says with a smile. "Ever since I was little I was attracted to the ingenuity and grit of transforming raw materials into something imagined but not yet realized.

"The theme of my artwork conveys a positive outlook on life: that humanity can accomplish whatever we set our minds to," she continues. "We have the ability to harness nature for our benefit and enjoyment while preserving it for future generations, we have the ability to create and appreciate beauty, and we have the ability to shape our ultimate destiny."

Illusory Control represents her beliefs most appropriately, particularly the creation and appreciation of beauty sentiment.

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