Jim Green

Hermosa, SD

Jim Green

Featured Sculpture

Jim Green - Arctic Huntress (bronze)

Jim Green’s spectacular rendition of a snowy owl - like all his sculpture - is forged from three complementary components of a mid-western life. Time spent observing in the outdoors, technical experience gained in industrial workshops and, most of all, an enduring, lifelong love of nature are the critical factors for the Hermosa, South Dakota-based sculptor.

"As a younger man, I spent a lot of time sketching while learning the basic skills and processes that are integral to bronze work. Always, I found myself returning to wildlife sculpture. It's where I am most comfortable; it is the subject matter I'm most passionate about. This holds particularly true for birds, the variety of subjects, the endless textures of feathering and distinct features fuels my creativity perfectly."

His focus on our feathered friends got its jumpstart when his piece Proud to be Puffin was chosen as part of the Maine chapter of the National Audubon Society's art show. The show was one part of the education/outreach component of The Puffin Project, a long-term conservation initiative to return nesting puffins to the Maine coast.

As Green explains, the efforts undertaken as part of the ongoing program had special resonance for him.

"I became much more attuned to the plight of our avian populations, which in turn, moved me to focus more and more on them as sculpture subjects. Ornithologists estimate over half of our bird species could lose up to half of their climatic range during the 21st-century due to climate change."

While the species of bird Green displays here is very nearly the antithesis of the puffin, the need for conservation and habitat protection is the same. With Arctic Huntress, Green's incredibly powerful and detailed sculpture of a snowy owl, his talent is on full display. The sculpture is - in two words - absolutely breathtaking.

The owl, wings fully outstretched curving around its body, is portrayed looking back as if it has spotted some type - a movement, a shadow perhaps - of prey. Its yellow eyes are intensely focused, talons poised curved and deadly at the ready as it prepares to wheel and investigate whatever has caught its attention.

The detail Green captures is exquisite in every way, and exact. From the facial nuances through the glorious colour and markings on the many feathers that cover its broad wings and body, Arctic Huntress is completely life-like. His skill is such that the owl's arrested motion is plainly evoked.

As he explains, "subtle shifts in a sculpture’s anatomy, posture, balance, concept, and structure enable the impression of movement. Minimal yet integrated supports add to the context and story of each piece. Tool marks and finger smears remind us of the human hands that created it, while the chosen patinas highlight the original work and enhance its many subtleties."

With Arctic Huntress he has realized all of this and much more in his fantastic figurative sculpture of a majestic subject. It will appeal to many Sculpturewalk viewers for its wonderful realism, and the passion Green obviously feels for his endangered subject matter.


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