Serge Mozhnevsky

Coquitlam, BC

Serge Mozhnevsky

Featured Sculpture

Serge Mozhnevsky - In Love With the Wind (aluminum)

A regular contributor to Sculpturewalk, Mozhnevsky was noticeably absent from last year's exhibition. He returns this year with another of his statuesque, shimmering aluminum creations, the alluringly sensual In Love with the Wind.

The towering, six-foot plus work is distinctly, undeniably one of his expressive works. His sculptures represent basic, unspoken tenets of life. Love, freedom, longing, joy and compassion are all eloquently expressed in the deceptively simple but strong lines he fashions expertly. They speak emphatically of human needs and wants while always inviting the perceptions and interpretation of the viewer.

The subtle, flowing lines of In Love with the Wind are a mix of angles and graceful curves. The abstraction suggests a female figure with her arms raised and crossed. It flares dramatically from the bottom, a distinct continuous line lending the impression of a wind-blown dress. Narrowing perceptibly above the flare, two lengths - unbalanced but harmonious - gather and meet overlapping in rounded ends.

A lovely open space is created beneath the angled, rounded "arms". The overall impression is starkly lovely and powerful - a woman shielding her eyes or simply exulting in the openness around her. The strength and freedom of wind entailed in the sculpture is suggestively, artistically implied.

Mozhnesky's sculpture continues his move towards public pieces that display best in nature. This is undeniably true of In Love with the Wind. Seen from below or at a remove against a blue sky, the sculpture displays itself best, standing serene and unwavering. The single line running from top to bottom hints at a ship's prow, stalwart against the elements while lending form to the expansive billows flowing on either side.

"In my mind, natural surroundings are the best backdrop for my more recent works," he says. "The material creates a contrast with the greenery and varying skies that best display my intent."

As Mozhnevsky states simply and elegantly on the nameplate, his piece here "represents openness to life."

He grew up in the Ukraine, studying fine woodworking and exhibiting at a number of shows across the breadth of Europe before immigrating to Canada in 2000.

Residing in Coquitlam, Mozhnevsky has displayed numerous works at the Peace Arch Park on the U.S.-Canada border. The open expanse is the perfect location to display his brilliant - in form and sheen both - opalescent sculptures to best effect.

He has exhibited in many locations across Canada - New Brunswick and the Prairie provinces, with ongoing gallery representation in Montreal - and south of the border too. Proficient in wood and stone also, Mozhnevsky dazzles again here at Sculpturewalk.

Adhering to his credo that "sculpture is a language born in the space between the words", his minimal lines and deliberate abstraction address deeper themes with graceful clarity and an unerring eye for beauteous splendour.

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