Spring Shine and Christopher Petersen and Yvonne Boyd

Argenta, BC

Spring Shine and Christopher Petersen and Yvonne Boyd

Featured Sculpture

Spring Shine, Christopher Petersen, Yvonne Boyd - The Keeper (applied concrete on steel armature)

The dynamic duo from Argenta returns this year to Sculpturewalk after a year's absence. As in 2016, they have added to their talents with a fellow artisan.

On their mind-bending wooden marvel then, Hans Winter ably assisted them. This year they've enlisted the talents of friend and neighbour Yvonne Boyd.

"Both of us agree completely that Yvonne is the most talented artist either of us have ever met," says Spring. "She is amazing, it's been a real pleasure working with her on our entry this year."

Spring and Petersen have created two memorable pieces in the past, with or without the assistance of their friends/fellow artisans.

Sculpture Walk - with Winter on board - won an Artistic Merit award. The pair captured the coveted People's Choice award in 2015 with Regeneration, a gorgeous stump made of logging cables and sporting a tiny cedar growing from its side. Previously, they had entered separate, equally appealing works.

"We work very well together," says Petersen. "So we figured we would focus on collaborative work, bringing in friends and neighbours sometimes. Yvonne has been a blessing on this particular effort."

The trio's big and bold work on display here emphasizes the onus they place on connectivity, appropriate stewardship and respect for the forests that surround us. It is heartfelt, spiritual and impactful in its message.

A wonderfully posed "wood spirit" kneels and bends inquisitively at new forest life. In one hand she cradles a new tree that is emerging from the earth ever so slowly.

Muscular, mythical and otherworldly, she nurtures the new growth while bearing it too. Small plants nestle in pockets of soil in the curls on her head. Her skin tone is bark-like, the reddish-brown hue achieved through the application of multiple coats of etching stain.

She is of the forest, embodying the plants, lichen, moss, animals, as well as the trees - everything that makes up the greater whole.

As Spring explains," this sculpture is about our connection with nature and how she nurtures and feeds us. The interplay found there. We hope that people will enjoy touching, experiencing and becoming a part of this piece.

"Like most of Christopher's and my collective efforts, we want people to interact - to feel a visceral connection - with our creation. Like our two previous sculptures, the intent is for the viewer to be a part of the piece, not just observing it from a respectful distance. We both believe, as does Yvonne, that art is meant to touch people, and vice-versa."

The Keeper personifies the close, loving connection all three have with the abundant nature surrounding them, and all of us. Their intriguing, observant piece expands that closeness, reinforcing for everyone the critical importance of harmony with, and respect for, nature in all its forms.


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