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Tuck Langland

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Tuck Langland - Solitude (bronze)

One of the giants of the American sculpting world, Tuck Langland has, as he says, "been making sculpture seriously since Eisenhower was still President." Not many others can make that claim - there is no denying the stature of the man and his many accomplishments.

Langland has been a sculptor and a teacher of the arts for decades, certainly. He was a Professor of Sculpture at the South Bend campus of Indiana University from 1971 until his retirement in 2003. During that time he designed and built the sculpture studio from scratch, including the foundry. He has also taught in Kentucky and England in the course of his distinguished 39-year academic career.

As important as his time in academia was, his ongoing involvement in teaching sculpture techniques through public library programs and workshops is equally fulfilling.

He has taught workshops at the Loveland Fine Arts Academy in Loveland, Colorado, the Scottsdale Artists School in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the Center of American Sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens, Pawleys Island, South Carolina as a Kenan Master Sculptor.

The author of two books on sculpture, Langland's From Clay to Bronze: A Studio Guide to Figurative Bronze is an art bestseller around the world, now in its fourth edition. He is also the creator of the Tuck Langland Collection - slides of gothic architecture throughout England and France - which is housed at Princeton University.

Over the past two decades, Langland has focused on creating large-scale public art figurative pieces. These include bronzes of two renowned Indiana natives: war correspondent Ernie Pyle and long time Indiana University President and Chancellor Herman B. Wells.

An award winning master of portraiture and the human figure, he has placed major figures on college campuses, hospitals, businesses, parks and other locations around the country. Langland has also been elected a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society - serving as the current vice-President - and an Academician of the National Academy, both in New York.

This wealth of experience and knowledge is amply displayed in the stunning bronze he exhibits here. Solitude is wistfully seductive, superbly sculpted.

A young woman clutches her coat tightly to her chest with her gloved hands. The upraised collar, sensible hat and flowing full-length coat express the chill of the weather as well as the need for inner solace and comfort to combat her aloneness.

The crossed arms, solemn facial expression and the fine long flowing lines of the coat all express the title of the work beautifully. It is a haunting, mesmerizing study that displays Langland's mastery of figurative bronzes with great effect and impact.


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