All Strings Attached

All Strings Attached by Kate Tupper

Year: 2016
Medium: Mild Steel
Price: 15,000
Dimensions: 3' x 3' x 3'
Provenance: Nakusp, BC

Kate Tupper

Kate Tupper

Nakusp, BC

Sponsored by Castlegar Realty

“Reflecting, refracting eternally striving to generate a wake of love”

The title could be a play on words of a too often made promise. For Nakusp sculptor Kate Tupper it is heartfelt and meaningful. She delivers all with her finely detailed, entrancing work displayed this year. Going a step further, she has infused her work with not only symmetry, delicate balance and beauty, but motion too.

Delicate is an appropriate descriptor for All Strings Attached, refinement and precise detail abounds. The eight foot sculpture is both heart-shaped and distinctly feminine in form. From the top, filigrees of lacy metal rise and cascade over the upper part. Web-like strands of metal nearly envelop the tapering body, leaving a small opening that is a focal point.

Top-to-top, sideways hearts create gorgeous patterns encircling above the opening, complimenting other hearts decorating the metal lacework above. Fine beadwork glints in mutilple colours throughout, delicate touches that add to the beauty so apparent. All Strings Attached resonates with intimacy, harmony, gracefulness and symbolism. Tupper has designed it kinetically so it can be spun by hand, reflecting and refracting as it does so.

For her the piece emotes “eternally striving to generate a wake of love.” She wonders “what if we were connected to everything with lines of light and could easily see our actions reverberate across the fabric of landscapes physical and mental?

“Consider the impact. Looking at not only your carbon footprint, but your emotional footprint too. What kind of “invisible” damage could your action inflict? My piece asks us to be brave enough to open our hearts, and realize the beauty that could be produced with strings attached to everyday actions made with best intentions.”

Sculpting in metal is her passion – All Strings Attached is a fine example of that passion combined with obvious skill and thoughtful artistic vision.