Awakening: Ensconced-Invoked-Enlightened

Awakening -  Ensconced  Invoked  Enlightened by Mir Agol

Year: 2016
Medium: Steel and glass
Price: $21,000
Dimensions: 13' x 4' x 4' - 3pieces
Provenance: Marblemount, WA

Mir Agol

Mir Agol

Marblemount, WA

Sponsored by: Chances Castlegar

“Awakening’ is about the spark we all carry. It is embedded in us. Some have a hard time believing it. Some begin to trust it. Some are at peace with the inner spark and beyond.”

Now residing in northwest Washington after time in Vancouver, B.C. Agol is adept in any number of media. He favours steel and glass combined together in his sculpting. His piece displayed here showcases his vivid imagination, technical excellence and creative vision spectacularly.

“What is of importance to me is that the work converse with the viewer – making the audience contemplate speculative, provocative questions,” he says.  “Who are we? How do we converse? What is inner? What is outer? Where is the boundary between “I” and the rest of the world? How do we view concepts, accept symbols, relay subjects? Where/when does the spiritual become material? Do we need to “rust out” until we get enlightened? Where is that “spark” reflected in us, and how? And, how does it feel?”

His sculpture here demands this type of contemplation and introspection. Three figures stand side by each – all have distinctive, similar cutouts in the heart area filled with glass in some capacity. The first, Ensconced, is reflecting on some level of self awareness in the “present” state; the centre Invoked features an initiation of inner movement reflected in wavy silhouettes of wing-like limbs; the last, Enlightened, is a study in serenity, with limbs stretching up connecting the earth and the sky. Strands of cobweb-like wire drape the three figures in varying degrees.

The collective triptych is thought-provoking and powerful in its depiction of awakening the spark within us all. It is reminiscent of Agol’s Link from 2014’s Sculpturewalk in many ways, except the “individual” is portrayed here.

Agol’s sees a visual artist as a communicator of universal ideas that exist – waiting to be made tangible for the public. “Magic made visible,” as he notes. He succeeds brilliantly with Awakening: Ensconced-Invoked-Enlightened. It is magical – full of import and grandeur both.