Enforcer of Truth

Enforcer of the Truth by Peter Wulowka and Geoff Verigin

Year: 2016
Medium: Wood and Metal
Price: $9,200
Dimensions: 8' x 4' x 4'
Provenance: Castlegar, BC

Peter Wulowka & Geoff Verigin

Peter Wulowka & Geoff Verigin

Castlegar, BC

Sponsored by Trowelex


“Upon a moon’s shadow cries come blisters from the sky through clouds so very high were you born to live a lie”

You might remember Peter Wulowka’s initial public sculpture displayed at Sculpturewalk last year. One of the first to be seen walking on Columbia Avenue towards downtown, She Burns For Us was a tall cluster of beautiful wood spires, the lower part of the sculpture different species of wood intersecting each other. It was a fine first effort.

This year he has teamed up with fellow woodworker and friend Geoff Verigin to present another spectacular wood sculpture for our viewing pleasure. Enforcer of the Truth displays the same quality workmanship and contrasts within the piece but is stylistically quite different from She Burns For Us.

Three abstract layers of wood are stacked in varying sizes and forms at the top as clouds. From them, five jagged golden lightening bolts thrust downwards towards a brick wall. The main one peirces the wall, which is made up of almost 100 wood blocks. The entry point of the lightening bolt is burnt and scarred with shades of orange and yellow running into red. The clouds are dark and menacing, seemingly floating above the wall.

The blocks form a geometric pattern as a wall with a number angled at the top and upper ends. Beneath is a patterned box filled with burnt remnants of wood where the tip of the lightening bolt rests. It is dynamic with a strong message attached. Crystal clear is the beauty of the wood working, the quality of material used and the ingenuity of its creators.

About the force of nature work they have created so beautifully, Wulowka credits Verigin for the patience required in making and assembling the eight foot high sculpture they have created together. “He’s a perfectionist for sure. I think some of the brick components have been handled and worked on hundreds of times. It is a bit more complex than my entry last year but it is fun to work with Geoff. We’re a good team.”

Enforcer of the Truth is a labour of love, energetic and appealing. It is imaginative – full of contrasts and uniformity both. A testament to the power of nature, it showcases their cooperative skill as woodworkers, and their collective imagination.

Wulowka and Verigin have dedicated their sculpture to the memory of the late Castlegar city councillor and Sculpturewalk sponsor/supporter Kevin Chernoff.