Flower Power

Flower Power by Illarion Gallant

Year: 2016
Medium: Aluminum
Price: $18,000
Dimensions: 16ft x 10ft x 10ft
Provenance: Victoria, BC

Illarion Gallant

Illarion Gallant

Victoria, BC

Sponsored by Little Bear Golf Course & Morrison’s Insulation

“Flower Power expresses the tenacity of nature overcoming hardship to thrive in the urban fabric. It is a playful articulation on my artistic dialogue between natural and manmade landscapes that responds to historic human intervention.”

Displaying not one but two of his larger-than-life aluminum works at this year’s Sculpturewalk, Gallant wows with the vividness of colour and scale he portrays in Flower Power.

His installation at the Victoria International Airport, A Bouquet of Memories, is thematically similar to Flower Power. In each, brightly coloured metal on slender aluminum stalks (bright green in the former, silver in the latter) create a striking visual display. For the piece displayed here, Gallant has used curving quadrants of moss-green and blue, pale green and purple, and orange together with yellow on the three flowers of varying heights that comprise the work. Random holes in the “petals” permit the natural landscape to be incorporated within the sculpted flowers.

As he says in his artist’s statement, “The predominant theme in this work is the continued dialogue between the landscape as natural phenomenon and the landscape as urban fabric. Flower Power speaks.” It certainly does, conveying Gallant’s ability to create public art that is an integral part of the landscape around it, and vice versa.

His sculptures continue to win competitions, a reflection of Gallant’s ability to meld metal works seamlessly with an urban, natural or pedestrian landscape. Flower Power will delight observers here with its grandeur and gracefulness. The three flowers staggered heights work wonderfully, becoming part of the landscape while reflecting the vision and necessary scope – to say nothing of balance – of their creator.