Leviathan by Daniel Kloc

Year: 2016
Medium: Bronze
Price: $18,000
Dimensions: 3' x 8" x 8"
Provenance: Castlegar, BC

Daniel Kloc

Daniel Kloc

Castleger, BC

Sponsored by Dr. Larocque & Dr. Merritt

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. HP Lovecraft”

Daniel Kloc’s incredible bronze on display is based on childhood infatuations. “When I was a kid I was obsessed with sea creatures and dinosaurs,” says Leviathan’s creator. “I was always drawing them and collecting any book or picture.

“I’ve wanted to sculpt something along these lines for years and years,” he says. “I remember sketching this a long time ago.”

Leviathan is a wonderfully rendered sculpture of that classic confrontation, a giant squid doing battle with a sperm whale in the inky depths of the ocean. While it might be pure fantasy, the possibility of such an epic battle – together with the mysteriousness of the giant squid – is the stuff of legends. Kloc’s gorgeous bronze does it complete justice.

Standing three feet high, his depiction is superbly detailed. Lurking at the bottom of the sea in its lair, the squid thrusts upwards in attack. Its long tentacles wrap themselves around the downward angled sperm whale, one coiling high above to ensnare its victim further. The whale’s rage and helplessness are readily apparent, part of the exceptionally fine detail Kloc brings to the piece.

From the suckers on its tentacles to the detail of the body structure – even its mouth is finely realized – Kloc’s squid, along with its foe, is exquisitely sculpted, right down to the human skull and bones in among the detritus at the bottom of the piece. Leviathan is figuratively superlative, capturing two monsters of the deep blue sea locked in mortal combat. Even though fantastical, the bronze is true down to the smallest detail.

His sculpting talent is immediate and undeniable. The exquisite detail and realism of this primordial struggle is marvellous, complimented by the H.P Lovecraft quotation in the nameplate. Leviathan is a sublime sculpture that rekindles childhood imaginings, and ancient fears.