Lighthouse Fireball

Lighthouse Fireball by Eva Asplin

Year: 2016
Medium: Steel, light inside
Price: $4,500
Dimensions: 42” X 42” x 46”
Provenance: Audobon, MN

Eve Asplin

Eve Asplin

Audubon, MN

Sponsored by: Independent Respiratory Services

“With reflections and shadows the ocean scenes come to life, with buoys and lobsters near shells on the shore as ospreys and gulls soar above keeping a watchful eye on this nautical scene.”

Representative of the success she has enjoyed and the quality of her workmanship, Asplin’s Lighthouse Fireball is a beautiful piece of metalwork. It is intricate, ornate and detailed.

Living in Minnesota’s lake country, Asplin often incorporates wilderness scenes and wildlife into her durable, stylish fire pits. Here, she pursues a seaside theme. The result is spectacular. Featuring two prominent lighthouses, an osprey with an ensnared fish, crustaceans, ropes and buoys, Lighthouse Fireball dazzles. Being lit from within emphasises the rich detail while reflecting light and casting shadows.

She has solved the issue of how to best imitate firelight cleverly. “Obviously there can’t be a fire burning for the length of the show,” she says laughingly. “So I’ve inserted a coil of red light covered by plexiglas. It’s a bit of a poor substitute, the dancing, flickering qualities of a wood fire cannot be emulated.”

Lighthouse Fireball is a fine example of her talent, and the uniqueness of each of her creations. It will appeal to Sculpturewalk viewers, regardless of how it is lighted. Even if it isn’t fully realized without a fire at its heart, it is a lovingly created, gorgeous work of art.