Lunar Flyer

Lunar Flyer by Heather Wall

Year: 2016
Medium: Mild Steel
Price: $10,000
Dimensions: 84"h x 84"w x 36"d
Provenance: Powell River, BC

Heather Wall

Heather Wall

Powell River, BC

Sponsored by: Canadian Tire/Castlegar News

“Great Horned Owls are distinguished and abundant nocturnal hunters in Canada.”

Powell River sculptor Heather Wall continues to amaze with her progressive prowess and intricate detail as she enters her third straight Sculpturewalk. Taking up sculpting a few short years ago after welding courses, Wall gets better with every entry. Her works are easily recognizable for their fine detail and the aplomb she displays in presenting her chosen creation.

Last year was the rectangular King of Spades, located across the street from the Element nightclub. Brimming with detail, the sculpture was an oversized version of a historically patterned playing card. In her initial entry, she presented a lovely tortoise with an assortment of sea creatures affixed to the base. Here she portrays a bird of a different feather, specifically a Great Horned Owl in all its awe-inspiring glory.

Her title is a deliberate one. Great Horned owls, like all of their kin, are superb night hunters rarely seen in the daytime. Wall’s rendition has him with wings fully outstretched, eyes round and moon-like, settling onto a stump, an unlucky mouse trembling on top. There is her characteristic detail in the lacing in the upper wings, the chain mail-like body with a circular geometric pattern on his breast and the finely detailed eyes that seem to radiate the light of his natural environment. She has also used colour extremely well –  browns, whites, tans and yellows all make her subject dazzle.

The stump he approaches displays Wall’s attention to detail and form too. Circular on top displaying its age, it slopes downward with patterns throughout mimicking the lack of uniformity as it matured, covered by bright green ferns. As a whole, Lunar Flyer shimmers and shines. Wall incorporates a number of forms and patterns in her piece, bringing the sculpture to life with impressive variation.

Acknowledging that she is still a novice (though one would never guess that), Wall’s background in interpretative design and illustration stand her in good stead as a sculptor. “I like to explore new ideas that mix my skills, both old and new,” she says modestly. With Lunar Flyer she has done exactly that. This is an owl that exudes creativity, style and dramatic flair, beautifully imagined and created.