Orbit II

Orbit II by David Hyduke

Year: 2016
Medium: Steel
Price: $10,000
Dimensions: 44"h x 44"d x 46"w; 300lbs; FP 19" square
Provenance: Kasota, MN

David Hyduke

David Hyduke

Kasota, MN

Sponsored by Markin Childs Accounting

“Gravity is that mysterious force which pulls objects closer to one another and holds them in orbit. It is said to be the least understood force in modern physics. The band of sculpture “Orbit II” takes a somewhat erratic path much as what occurs within our own planetary system.”

Hyduke likes to work thematically depending on the medium he is employing. The end product is always polished, attractive and beguiling. With his entry here he explores the property of gravity, “apparently the least understood force in modern physics” as he notes in the accompanying nameplate.

Orbit II is simple in its presentation while fascinating in its conveyance of a concept that is still not all that well understood on a grand level. A Mobius band of circles of burnished steel splattered with flecks of red paint, Orbit II is abstract and conceptual yet also organic. The randomness of the paint splatters give the work a hint of imperfection, a nice addition to the flowing form of the steel Hyduke has woven.

He begins his sculptures from modeled clay and finds steel to be an exceptional final medium due to it being “a natural extension of my modeled clay pieces as they are often hard edged with clearly delineated planes.” This is certainly true of Orbit II.