Overcoming by Serge Mozhnevsky

Year: 2016
Medium: Aluminum
Price: 15,000
Dimensions: height 86" x width 72" x depth 30"
Provenance: Coquitlam, BC

Serge Mozhnevsky

Serge Mozhnevsky

Coquitlam, BC

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“Symbolizes the desire for overcoming obstacles.”

Following an uncharacteristic absence from last year’s Sculpturewalk (although his 2014 entry The Kiss sits in Nelson’s Railtown district, leased by the city) Mozhnevsky returns with another of his intriguing, minimalist aluminum sculptures this year. A regular contributor since the second year of Sculpturewalk, his work is always appealing, admired and thought-provoking. He doesn’t disappoint with Overcoming.

The sculpture initially came to life on a much smaller scale – in wood. Talented in an array of materials, Mozhnevsky tends to work in wood for his smaller scale pieces and aluminum for large public pieces and exhibitions.

“For smaller pieces displayed in galleries or private collections, I tend to work in wood,” he says from his Coquitlam home. “For public works, I love the contrast with the colours and shades of nature that aluminum provides.”

Mozhnevsky studied wood carving in the Ukraine, where he grew up, at the Uzhgorad Professional College. Following numerous Eastern European exhibits, he emigrated to Canada in 2000 and has made his home in the lower mainland since. In addition to regular appearances here he has a number of pieces in exhibitions south of the border.

Overcoming is characteristic of his simple, elegant style. Two curving pieces rise in harmony, each recessed at the inside bottom. One is raised off the ground – giving the impression of stepping. They entwine and rise to an elegant finish of matched half circles. The piece stands seven feet high and six feet wide, sheathed in his trademark shimmering aluminum. The lightness of the material means it weighs a mere 80 pounds.

It is not dissimilar in look to John McKinnon’s Wind Suite #1, although they are quite different sculptures to be sure. Both have the sensuous flow of curving lines rising to an exclamatory end above those same lines. Overcoming “symbolizes a desire of overcoming obstacles” as Mozhnevsky notes in his nameplate.

Never one given to verbosity, he is content to let his alluring sculptures speak for themselves. As he states on his website, “sculpture is a language born in the space between the words. The more we talk the less we hear it.” Words of wisdom – whether his or someone else’s – from a man whose offerings are always composed of clean, simple, strongly rendered lines and undeniable beauty. Nothing else needs to be said.