Perseverance by Alexander Goryunov

Year: 2016
Medium: Plastic material
Price: $15,000
Dimensions: long 1.50 meter,height 80 cm,width 40 cm.
Provenance: Moscow, Russia

Alexander Goryunov

Alexander Goryunov

Moscow, Russia

Sponsored by: Yule Anderson

Perseverance is a sculpture that demands attention to the details contained within it. It is hugely imaginative, almost disturbing in some ways. Full of imagery and colourful in purple and green hues, the meaning of Goryunov’s work and the message of positivity it speaks of counteracts the stark images that make up the piece.

The sculpture is shaped somewhat like a carapace – the bony or chitinous shell found on some animals – or a futuristic spaceship for that matter. “Legs” of uneven thickness and rib-like openings make it appealing, but it is the fantastical, crazily angled figures worked into the frame-like body that really give the sculpture vibrancy.

Melded as integral parts of the whole are human figures: the neck and face of a woman with eyes closed, animals and hybrids. The snarling face of a lion is attached to a human torso, a skinny elongated doglike creature has the face of a brooding raven; a reptilian looking bird forms from its tail. A bestial creature, body stretched showing Goryunov’s recurring, characteristic ribs, is draped over the top of the piece, intersecting and melding with a female form.

The woman’s body dangles, her long hair flowing into and over curved lines that encircle like bands, draping over an ominous looking grill (rib)-like aperture. Perseverance is dynamic, slightly unsettling and powerful. It conveys the spectrum of time: futuristic, immediate and ancient in its composition and overall feel.

He states his piece “symbolizes perseverance in achieving their goals.” Certainly there is contortion and struggle depicted, but also calmness in certain elements of the intriguing work.

His bold, inventive work might not be to everyone’s taste but there is no doubt of Goryunov’s talent, and ability to express himself with strong imagery. Perseverance certainly showcases the latter.