Rising Rainbow

Rising Rainbow by David Turner

Year: 2016
Medium: Bronze
Price: $25,500
Dimensions: 49"H, 49"W, 32"D
Provenance: Onley, VA

David Turner

David Turner

Onley, VA

Sponsored by Mother Natures/Assante Wealth Management

“Rising Rainbow depicts a trout on the rise, perhaps after your fly. A stylized support between the rocks and the tail of the trout allows for a more fluid and dynamic presentation of the fish.”

The piece David Turner displays here is a natural, given the species resides in many of the local lakes. Rising Rainbow is meticulously crafted, capturing a surfacing rainbow perhaps entranced by an alluring lure on top of the water. The tones are vibrant, the patinas and shading appealing. Turner’s fish displays the distinctive colours of the rainbow – the mottled grey- green back, the distinctive body slash of red and reddish jaw, the golden underbelly – vividly.

Perhaps the best part of this dynamic figurative sculpture is the way Turner has cleverly displayed it. From behind the tail fin, two curving rods continue the patina of the bottom of the fish and are anchored by sculpted rocks from a streambed or river bottom. The curvature and continuity achieved adds to the fine detail of the twisting rainbow as it rises, mouth open and flashing colour. It is an accurate, faithful rendition of an angler favourite, beautifully sculpted and finished.