Sculpture Walk

Sculpture Walk by Spring Shine, Christopher Petersen and Hans Winter

Year: 2016
Medium: Wood and Steel
Price: $24,000
Dimensions: 10' x 10' x 24'
Provenance: Argenta, BC

Spring Shine, Christopher Peterson & Hans Winter

Spring Shine, Christopher Peterson & Hans Winter

Argenta, BC

Sponsored by: Castlegar Sunrise 2000 Rotary


“Experience a change of perspective.”

Chosen by the viewers for the coveted People’s Choice award last year, Spring Shine and Christopher Petersen are ramping it up again this year. They’ve added Hans Winter to the team and their entry this year is as spectacular as last year’s winner, Regeneration (displayed beside city hall).

That innovative piece combined steel logging cables, metal and gorgeous cedar wood to portray new life emerging from an old stump, complete with a bench. This year, they are again working with wood and steel but it is a very different sculpture they’ve created, albeit exhibiting their usual high quality craftsmanship and collective vision.

Sculpture Walk is basically a 24 foot tunnel, 10 feet high and 10 feet wide. It is made of cedar posts and beams. “Ho hum,” one might say. This is no ordinary tunnel though –  this is artistry, vision, and beauty coming together as a stunning piece of art.

Looking from one end is like looking down a kaleidoscope. The walls and ceiling curve and bend sinuously and in perfect symmetry. They actually achieve a 90 degree rotation thanks to the design by Winter and the skill of the trio. The 4″x4″ cedar post and beam bents are separated by 4 inches of space, creating the amazing play of light and shadow as you walk through. The bents are all tied together by a 2 1/2 thick pipe flowing through each and every piece, which gives the work its clean, flowing form and wonderfully curvaceous lines.

“We titled it Sculpture Walk because we encourage people to stroll through it,” says Spring. “ It is a part of a festival celebrating sculpture, a piece designed to be walked through. The hues of the oiled cedar, the play of light and shadow and the colours the wood assumes as a result, from near crèmes to almost burgundy at times, is really something special.”

There is no denying the dazzling scent and colours of the lush cedar wood. It is the beautiful twist and rotation the three achieve in the course of the short walk that makes Sculpture Walk so impressive. It is also pays homage to the many mines that were the lifeblood of towns throughout the West Kootenay at the turn of the century, replicating a “drift” underground.