Share the Road

Share the Road by Alexis Mainland

Year: 2016
Medium: Metal
Price: $9,000
Dimensions: 15 feet/5 feet/ 5 feet
Provenance: Castlegar, BC

Alexis Mainland

Alexis Mainland

Castlegar, BC

Sponsored by: RDCK & Affected Area J


“We are all driven. Diversity has spoken. “Share the road” and keep on going.”

The title has special importance and emphasis given the recent circumstances she experienced.

“I used to ride my bike all the time but was hit by a vehicle recently. It’s kept me off my bike for the time being.”

The accident doesn’t seemed to have slowed her down in other ways, and acted as inspiration for her charming entry here. “Bikes as transportation will continue to grow. With this sculpture I hope to inspire change and educate, and open the road for dialogue and understanding between the two. To find common ground, in the cites/towns and urban areas, see more trails, bike-friendly roads, that sort of thing.”

Share the Road is like an oversized mobile in its design. Supported by a cleverly designed column of chains and gears, three vintage bicycles (she tips her hat to Cycology bike shop here) are suspended angled at varying heights. Instead of spokes, each of their front wheels features an eye-catching wagon wheel dreamcatcher of her own design. Chains dangle from the wheels, ornaments embellish all three bikes. There are motorcycle parts – a helmet tops it off – antlers mounted where handlebars once were, horseshoes for pedals, gears and much more. It is eclectic, funky and endearing.

It also carries a message. “This mode of transportation is only going to continue to grow,” says Mainland passionately. “It has to. Fossil fuels are finite, they pollute our atmosphere, and are a big part of the climate change we are experiencing. I hope my sculpture, as unconventional as it is and as old as the bikes are, makes viewers think, and then get out their bicycle for a ride!”