Splash by Illarion Gallant

Year: 2016
Medium: Stainless Steel 316
Price: $32,000
Dimensions: 6'-0" H X 15'-0" W X 9"-0" D. Imperial Measure
Provenance: Victoria, BC

Illarion Gallant

Illarion Gallant

Victoria, BC

Sponsored by Kootenay Hearing Aid & Audiology

“Splash highlights the gentle form of a familiar gesture when set in the context of an urban landscape. Splash is a continuation and evolution of my visual discourse between the natural and the manmade.”

Displaying his flexibility and fine eye for imagery on a large scale, Gallant’s Splash is quite different from his other work on display here this year, Flower Power. While both are exceptionally strong, Splash is the more kinetic of the two, all movement and motion versus the stationary state of Flower Power. Obviously, a comparison is completely meaningless; it does highlight the ingenuity and vision Gallant brings to his large-scale public pieces though.

With Splash he has chosen to work in stainless steel. The simplicity of the piece is its strength. Approximately 25 stainless steel tubes, curved or standing straight up to a six foot height, artfully mimic a splash. Spread out over nine feet, the arrangement replicates the title to such a degree that an observer could swear a heavy object just landed in the centre. It is completely harmonious, capturing a natural reaction in steel. It is a beautiful work, full of symmetry, synthesis and kinetic energy.