The Truth of Geometry

The Truth of Geometry by Teresa Lind

Year: 2016
Medium: cast iron/steel
Price: $16,000
Dimensions: 62"H, 32"W
Provenance: Sheboygan, WI

Teresa Lind

Teresa Lind

Chilton, WI

Sponsored by Foundation Fashions

“The Truth of Geometry is an allegorical figure representing the idea that mathematics is consistent.  It is aligned with the Cosmos and can be relied upon.  The figure shows the culmination of strength, intelligence, and femininity.”

Her five foot tall, tapering work on display here sums up her inspiration well. A woman with a white breastplate stands impassive. Her classical poise and beauty reflect Lind’s Italian studies while the geometric angles and overlays of her skirt, comprising much of the piece, realize the industrial side of The Truth of Geometry. She clutches a long stick that parallels the taper of the skirt, the top half of which is a jagged triangular motif, contrasting with the sleekness of her bare torso. She is Amazonian, proud, strong and serene as crafted by Lind.

As she states, “My work is essentially about the dignity and pride of being female and feminine and the reality of manual labor and hard work and how we balance those things daily.” Lind’s hope is that The Truth of Geometry – and every sculpture she creates – will cause the viewer to “self-reflect, or empathize and, through that experience, have a better appreciation for the role of art as something to make us pause and consider our own humanity and that of others.”

She achieves the desired impact with this striking sculpture.