The Visitor

The Visitor by Geemon Xin Meng

Year: 2016
Medium: Fibreglass, steel, plaster, concrete
Price: $15,000
Dimensions: 45
Provenance: Vancouver, BC

Geemon Xin Meng

Geemon Xin Meng

Vancouver, BC

Sponsored by: Dr. James Singer & Family

“I usually focus on the human condition, but sometimes a figure emerges whose persona is so compelling one almost expects him to speak. So it is with this bear, a visitor with something to say.”

More comfortable with the human condition in his figurative sculptures, Xin Meng’s entry for this years Sculpturewalk is a departure of sorts. As he states, “…sometimes a figure emerges whose persona is so compelling one almost expects him to speak.” There is no doubt about that in this evocative work; The Visitor is playful, warm and welcoming.

Created using a steel frame, fibreglass, and a plaster/concrete mix, Xin Meng’s ursine visitor is deliberately softly misshapen and appealingly non-threatening. Standing almost four feet high, The Visitor’s front paws are across its belly, one back paw turned slightly as if beseechingly walking towards the observer. You almost expect him to say, “Hello there, may I come in to join you?”

Xin Meng has inscribed the sculpture with greetings and words of graciousness in a variety of languages. The semi-abstraction and rounded features act as an appropriate backdrop for  the letters. It is a warm, open sculpture that speaks to the universality of man, and animals too. This visitor is comfortable with himself and friendly with the greater world.

It is his ability to capture the essence of someone or something’s character that gives such resonance to his work. His feelings about a person or subject are translated into the work itself, providing vitality and liveliness always. This is certainly the case with his endearing piece displayed here.