Wind Suite #1

Wind Suite #1 by John McKinnon

Year: 2016
Medium: Marble
Price: $30,000
Dimensions: 2 metres x 60 cm square
Provenance: Nelson, BC

John McKinnon

John McKinnon

Nelson, BC

Sponsored by: Kootenay Market

This piece is the first of a series that I am currently working on. The theme revolves around the study of movement in wind. With this particular group, I am using marble as the medium to represent lightness and movement.

The stunningly gorgeous piece Nelson sculptor John McKinnon has created for this year’s Sculpturewalk is just the beginning in a series of wind-inspired works he plans to sculpt.

If they are anything like Wind Suite #1, the series will be exquisite.

For this project he has elected to work in marble “to represent lightness and movement.” The one ton piece displays the qualities he is seeking admirably, full of grace and delicacy. Curving lines of white marble harmoniously rise upwards, circling themselves, finishing in a vertical fluted state. The juxtaposition achieved within the continuous motion conveyed is marvellous. It is light, airy  and smoothly sinuous, capturing the unpredictability of nature: sudden updrafts, swirls and fluidity all at once.

At his acreage outside of Nelson, McKinnon displays many of his pieces along with acquired favourites from peers and sculptors he admires. It is his own Sculpturewalk and, while some of the pieces in it are currently for sale, his imagination and prolific output over the decades ensures there will always be plenty of captivating, marvellous works for the lucky visitor to admire and possibly purchase. It is highly likely Wind Suite #1 or another of the planned series works might well end up there – material renditions of the movement of wind in harmony with the natural element.